Become a Principal

Earn your SBL / SDL with CITE and Russell Sage College, in our new HYBRID program

Degrees & Certificates

Earn your School Building Leadership and School District Leadership certification with us, in our hybrid online / in-person program.

Cohort Model, starts Spring, Summer, Fall

Our next cohort of this program starts Fall 2024. You will remain with your cohort for the duration of your program, strengthening your professional network.

Giving students the ability to pursue their dreams

CITE programs all start from the premise that higher education should be accessible for all. We design our courses to remove many of the barriers that professionals face with traditional higher education, such as time, location, schedule, and cost. We believe that when affordability and accessibility meet, in high-quality programs, we can help you thrive. 

The CITE / Russell Sage Model

Our SBL / SDL program is convenient, affordable, practical, and high-quality.

Next Cohort

  • Starts September 2024
  • Cohorts start in Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • 30 credit program
  • Internship / field experience hours may be done at your own school

Hybrid Program Model

  • 20-40% live, in-person
  • 60-80% online, synchronous
  • Instructors are local, experienced school administrators – current or recently retired school or district leaders

Locations and Times

Live classes will take place on Saturdays or Sundays (your choice) in: Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk.

Online classes will take place synchronously, also on the Saturday / Sunday schedule.

Tuition and Fees

$425 per credit

Total cost $12,750 + books + $150 records fee

30 credit program

*This is the lowest-cost SBL / SDL Program in NY


Watch the Info Session from 2/29/24

Nearly 25% of principals in NYC, and thousands of educators on Long Island, have graduated from CITE programs. Join them here!

Our mission is to provide more accessible higher education

CITE has been working in NYC and Long Island for over 30 years to strengthen teacher, counselor, and school leadership pipelines. We believe diversity is a strength, and actively work to remove the barriers of traditional higher education. This is why, as enrollments at other institutions are falling, more professionals are choosing CITE for the high-quality, low-cost, convenient training that you need to further your career. 

Relevant Training

Courses include research-based resources and materials. Readings are current and classic pedagogical texts, forming a practical foundation for training, while remaining committed to professional growth.

Network and Professional Growth

Networking workshops and seminars provide opportunities for students to meet our large community of graduates while learning valuable (and marketable) skills.